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Welcome to the Consular Section Visa Unit!

Note on Systems Issue June 2015

Systems issues that have affected the Department of State’s ability to issue visas are being resolved; all applicants can schedule appointments as normal.

Welcome to the Consular Section

This site gives you access to a full range of Consular Visa Services. The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan makes every effort to treat customers professionally and with dignity. We hope you will use the information provided on this website to learn about the different types of U.S. visas, the application process, and the requirements for U.S visas.

We provide the following services:

  • Non-immigrant visas – temporary visits for pleasure or business, exchange programs, study, temporary employment, temporary religious work, performers (athletes, artists and entertainers), and official government travels.
  • Immigrant visas Fiancé(e) and immediate relative petitions (spouse and children), adoption, asylum and refugees follow-to-join petitions, and Diversity Lottery visas.

About the Consular Section

The Consular Section of the American Embassy in Abidjan operates Monday through Thursday from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM. The local time is equivalent to GMT.

The Consular Section is closed during American and local holidays.

The Embassy is located at Riviera GOLF, Rue des Ambassades near the commercial center CASH CENTER.

Telephone number: (+225) 22-494-594
Fax number:  (+225) 22-494-202
E-mail address: 

For detailed information, please use the links on the left margin of this page to select the appropriate visa classification or service.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Visa Unit
U.S. Embassy Abidjan

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Contact us

  • Street Address
    U.S Embassy Abidjan
    Rue des Ambassades
    Riviera GOLF
    Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
    Tel: (+225) 22-494-594
    Local Mailing Address
    U.S. Embassy Abidjan
    01 BP 1712
    Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
    U.S. Mailing Address
    U.S. Embassy Abidjan
    Consular Section
    2010 Abidjan Place
    Dulles, VA 20521-2010

    For visas and official travel inquiries:
     American Citizens Services inquiries:

    All visitors to the Embassy are required to undergo a security check. Prohibited items will not be allowed inside the Embassy’s compound. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: Weapons of any kind or size, sharp metal or glass objects, razor blades, liquids, bottles, powdery substances, umbrellas and electronic or battery-operated equipment (including cell phones, radios, tape recorders, cameras, personal digital assistants, and computers).

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